Great Dance Crew

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《Great Dance Crew》详细介绍

  • 影片名称:Great Dance Crew
  • 状态:20220507期
  • 影片类型:综艺
  • 主持:
  • 影片年代:2022 / 大陆 / 其他
  • 影片导演:其他
  • 国家/地区:大陆
  • 每集时长:每期90分钟
  • 语言/字幕:国语对白 中文字幕
  • 首播时间:2022-04-16
  • 首播/卫视:其他
  • 剧情简介:As at last a team of female dancers will be formed, dancers from all walks of life are brought together: they may be professional dancers in China, dance enthusiasts hailing from different professions, or young female dancers who are still in school. Over several rounds of competition, the program aims to put together the strongest crew ever and send them to a world-level crew dance championship. The goal is to produce excellent crew dance pieces that are both professional and entertaining and to highlight the positive impact dance has on young people.
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