Thousands of worlds

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  • 共26集  |  每集0分钟

《Thousands of worlds》详细介绍

  • 影片名称:Thousands of worlds
  • 状态:共26集全
  • 影片类型:动漫
  • 主演:
  • 影片年代:2022 / 大陆 /
  • 国家/地区:大陆
  • 集数:共26集  |  每集 45分钟
  • 语言/字幕:国语对白 中文字幕
  • 首播时间:2022-01-28
  • 剧情简介:Teenage boy Lin Fei was unable to practice martial arts due to a defect in his meridians. After witnessing his master and his best friend died in the battle in the Black Abyss, he began to practice an ancient art of artifact refinement. He vowed to avenge them and hunt down the leader of the Black Abyss, even if it cost him his own life. A mysterious power revived him in a new era, and Lin Fei was determined to rebuild his sect and make it flourish.
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