To Be A Brave One

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《To Be A Brave One》详细介绍

  • 影片名称:To Be A Brave One
  • 状态:共36集全
  • 影片类型:国产剧
  • 主演:
  • 影片年代:2022 / 大陆 / 未知
  • 影片导演:
  • 国家/地区:大陆
  • 集数:共36集  |  每集 45分钟
  • 语言/字幕:国语对白 中文字幕
  • 首播时间:2022
  • 剧情简介:The president of Haowu Group, An Yu, was a young and successful career woman. She had an enviable job and a picture-perfect family. However, a sudden car accident left her in a coma, and when she awakened two years later, she was confronted with her husband’s betrayal. Brutally hit by harsh reality, she lost everything she once had. Despite the anguish and pain, An Yu bravely pulled herself together. She knew that she could only heal her broken heart by being independent and self-reliant. An Yu’s ideas about the future prospects and development of the industry coincided with Shao Moli’s. And so, the two began to start their own business together and worked hard to survive tough times. Eventually, they overcame all hurdles and managed to shape the future of online grocery shopping. In the course of her entrepreneurship, An Yu has transformed into a resilient woman who is able to face all challenges with confidence. At the same time, love blossomed between An Yu and Shao Moli.
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